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The Range Thoracic Mobility Guide

How to Improve Thoracic Mobility using Pilates Equipment

We love the thoracic mobility exercise repertoire that you can do on pilates equipment including the reformer, trapeze table (aka cadillac) and the pilates chair. The unique spring-based resistance is excellent for helping to isolate rotation and extension in the upper back. The challenge with these type of exercises is to try to maximise movement through the upper back and minimise movement in the lower back, hips and neck. Initially we tend to focus on improving the amount of range into thoracic rotation (twisting), then into extension (bending backwards) before adding upper back strengthening exercises into the mix.

These are our go-to exercises if we want to use the Pilates equipment to improve your thoracic mobility. Typically, we recommend performing exercises like these at least one to three times a week and if you are really chasing quick improvements it is best done in conjunction with a home-based program.

Typically, we recommend performing machine based pilates exercises like these 2-3 times a week to get improvement and once a week for maintenance.

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