Range.Pelvic Health

Pelvic Health

Range Physio has a team of pelvic health physiotherapists with postgraduate qualifications and expert knowledge in managing a range of pelvic health conditions. Our Pelvic Health Physio’s can treat a wide range of conditions including:

• Abdominal muscle separation
• Incontinence (bladder and bowel)

• Overactive bladder
• Labour preparation
• Pelvic floor muscle dysfunction
• Pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain
• Pelvic pain including bladder pain and coccydynia
• Mastitis and blocked ducts
• Post childbirth recovery
• Prolapse


The Range Approach

1. Initial Assessment
• Comprehensive assessment to determine underlying cause of pain or dysfunction
• During our initial assessment we will determine what the best course of treatment will be through a transparent process

2. Treat the cause, not just the symptoms. A tailored individual treatment plan which may include:
• Pelvic floor and pelvic muscle exercises
• Electrical stimulation and biofeedback for pelvic floor physical therapy
• Exercise rehabilitation including clinical exercise and functional strength training
• Bladder and bowel training
• Education and self-management strategies
• Preventative care

3. Enjoy a Healthy Active life
• Our holistic, integrated approach is designed to optimise your pelvic health and help you achieve the best possible health outcomes so you can actively enjoy life

Currently our Pelvic Health Physio Debbie Chan is available for appointments at both our Preston and Northcote locations. Book Online