AxIT: Next-generation strength testing equipment.

An AxIT Assessment involves a comprehensive series of movement tests using three devices to gain valuable objective data on how you move. These assessments may be performed in session or as a standalone service to help guide our management plan and get the best possible outcomes for your health and fitness. 

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AxIT helps us measure every muscle and movement in the human body including;

  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Isolated muscle
  • strength testing
  • Nordic Hamstring
  • Curl
  • Isometric Mid Thigh
  • Pull
  • Jump Power Testing
  • Core Rotational
  • Strength Testing
  • Plus many more

Why the AxIT system?

How do you know if things are improving? Sometimes this can be difficult to determine. That’s why we are committed to using the latest assessment technology previously only found in million dollar sports clubs so that we can look after you like an elite athlete!

AxIT helps by: 

  • Measure your movement baselines
  • Measure imbalances in the way you move
  • Track your progression over time
  • Keep you motivated to succeed
  • See your improvement every step of the way