– How do I get started?

Clinical Exercise provides the greatest benefits when you commit to regular and ongoing sessions – we understand this is a commitment – both in time and finances. We provide the information below to provide what you need to make an informed decision and give you every opportunity of achieving your physical health goals.

Your Physio will recommend a combination of in-room Physio and Clinical Exercise depending on your needs and goals. By learning to activate and control your muscles correctly, you will improve your ability to control joint movement, improve your posture, and give you the best chance to move better, and feel better.

Three Simple Steps

Step 1.

1:1 Sessions with a Physiotherapist

Your physiotherapist will develop a Clinical Exercise program specifically for YOU and help you feel confident performing the exercises and using the equipment in our Exercise Studio. These sessions are able to be rebated via private health insurance. We also have “startup packages” available at this stage of the process. Chat to our friendly team about the best option to get you started.

Start Up Package Options Cost Savings Cost per Session
4 × 45min Sessions $519.00 $121.95 $129.75
5 × 45min Sessions $619.00 $165.95 $123.80
6 × 45min Sessions $719.00 $209.95 $119.83

*Cost includes a spikey massage ball and pilates grip socks,

Step 2.

Learn how to move better in our Semi-Private classes

In our Semi-Private classes you will perform your individual exercise program in a small class environment fully supervised by a physiotherapist. These sessions run for 45 mins with a maximum of 5 people in a class. We currently run over 35 sessions per week to make sure you can find a class to suit your schedule. If you want to come with friends or family we can also create a custom class just for you. To access our current class timetable, check our website or enquire at reception.

Step 3.

Enjoy feeling happier, healthier, and stronger

The research tells us that you need to commit to two sessions per week for 8-12 weeks to achieve the best outcomes from Clinical Exercise (please note this dosage is the same for any sort of exercise intervention). Depending on your injury this may be sufficient to ensure your muscles are working correctly. Spinal injuries or more longstanding injuries may require a longer course.

Options For Everyone.

We understand that everyone is different, so we offer a range of payment options for our Semi-Private classes to suit everyone’s needs!

Pay As You Go

For those who want to dip their toes in and get a taste of our Semi-Private classes before committing to a membership.

  • Low commitment
  • Pay at the clinic after each class
  • Private Health Insurance rebatable with code 560

$62.00 per class


A great option for those who want to lower the cost of their Semi-Private classes, but cannot commit to multiple classes a week. You can choose from a package of 5 or 10 sessions.

  • Get a 5% discount when you buy a package of 5 sessions and a 10% discount when you buy a package of 10 sessions
  • No expiry
  • Private Health Insurance rebatable with code 560

From $ 55.80 per class

Class Membership

Perfect for those who want to come to our Semi-Private classes twice per week and stay committed to their health goals.

  • Up to 2 Classes per week
  • 1x upgrade consult every 4-weeks
  • Min commitment – 8 weeks

$104.00 per week

Physio Membership

Our Physio memberships are for those who want to stay committed to their health goals and benefit from regular treatments such as massage or physiotherapy.

  • Up to 3 Classes per week
  • 1x upgrade consult every week
  • Min commitment – 8 weeks

$156.00 per week