About Us.

Range Physio Northcote was founded in 2012 by a team of physiotherapists passionate about moving and feeling better. We have since built a reputation for exceptional service and consistently delivering high quality clinical outcomes for our clients. In 2020 we expanded our footprint further up High Street to the growing Northern hub of Preston, with a vision to combine Pilates, Physio and Strength and Conditioning under one roof.

Over our 10 years in operation, having previously operated under the Back in Motion banner, our philosophy has evolved to providing a place where every client is treated as an athlete – whether that be in an elite sense, or just moving better in day-to-day life. Our role is to assist our clients to reach their maximum range and optimise their lifelong physical health.

We chose the name ‘Range’ to reflect our goal to see our clients reach their maximum range of potential, as well as highlight our own growing range of skills and capabilities. With a diverse, growing team of health professionals passionate about improving the physical health of our community, Range Physio is a hub for healthy and active living for Melbourne’s North.

Live a healthy active life

Live a healthy active life

Live a healthy active life

Live a healthy active life

Live a healthy active life

Live a healthy active life

Why Range?


Our close connections with clients, colleagues, local medical providers and network of connections in the local community are a crucial part of our success in helping Northsiders improve their health outcomes. When an injuries occurs, it’s reassuring to know you have a trusted expert at Range to help you get you back on track. 

Treating The Cause

We delve deeper to identify the underlying cause and achieve optimal clinical outcomes. Often, the immediate cause of an injury or restriction is not obvious, and a little bit of detective work can provide some surprising insights. By treating the cause, not just the symptoms, it allows us to provide targeted care that gets better long term results. 

We Listen to You

At Range, we are committed to honesty and authenticity in our communication and treatment options. We know our clients want the best possible care, but in the least amount of time. Physio is a two-way street, and we listen to your concerns to ensure every angle is covered. We’ll make sure you’re able to perform at your best, while making sure you still have time to enjoy the finer things in life! 

Exceptional service

When you visit a Range location your experience will be exceptional from entry to exit. You’ll find the spaces at Range to be bright, clean and welcoming, and our friendly staff will make sure your visit to us is a positive experience. We want you to extend the range of possibilities in your life by providing a safe and innovative environment to improve your health.

The Range Approach.


Initial Assessment

We want to make sure you get the right care and get back moving as soon as possible. During our initial assessment we will determine what the best course of treatment will be through a transparent and clear process.

Treat the cause, not just the symptoms

Our expert team embrace the art and science of physiotherapy. By applying our years of training and experience to your injury, we often find that the cause is seemingly unrelated. By tracking down what caused the injury, we're able to provide more targeted treatment and rehabilitation that get's you moving better for good.

Live a healthy active life

We see all our clients as athletes in their own life, and want to help them participate fully in an active lifestyle. Don't be held back from doing the things you love because your body won't move the way you want it to. At Range we are proactive about helping you enjoy life the fullest.

Range Northcote

18 High Street Northcote
Victoria, 3070
(03) 9481 1626
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Range Preston

489 High Street Preston
Victoria, 3072
(03) 9038 8111
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