Range.Lactating Breast

Lactating Breast

At Range Physio we can provide treatment for lactation conditions including:
• Mastitis
• Blocked ducts
• Engorgement
• Nipple pain and damage
• White spot/milk bleb

We strive to provide treatments as soon as possible, to ensure you receive timely care. Our specially trained lactation physio’s will assess your symptoms, determine potential causes and tailor treatment to relieve your symptoms and achieve best breastfeeding outcomes for you.

Treatment techniques to relieve your symptoms include:
• Therapeutic ultrasound
• Lymphatic drainage and fascial movement
• Breast support garments
• Lymphatic drainage taping
• Preventative education and self management
• Nipple care and white spot management

We work as part of a multi-disciplinary team and have a network of local GPs and Lactation Consultants